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ETEM-AR - Energy Technology Environment by modeling adaptation and strength

In order to help decision-makers concerned by the establishment of a “territorial climate plan” to identify adequate mitigation and adaptation policies, the project will develop a “cost/benefits” type systemic modeling, adapted to territory data, of energy field activities to possible climate changes. We will realize a pilot implementation in Midi-Pyrénées region.
More precisely, it will:

• Identify appropriated technological and energy choices and investments in the energy field to mitigate greenhouses gases and adapt energy system to future climate changes.
• Analyze cost/benefits of measures of a territorial climate plan linked to the energy field (energy, transports, habitat, agriculture, etc.) broadening the scope of ETEM (energy-technology-environment-model) model.
• Explore the use of stochastic and strong modeling techniques which tend to recommend a diversified portfolio of precautions (hedging).

Concretely, an accessible online tool - to plan the mitigation and adaptation activities linked to energy field in each region on the horizons from 20 to 50 years - will be made available to institutions responsible of establishing a territorial climate plan.

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