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Individual carbon budgets, from theory to practice

Starting from an experimental survey conducted on a household sample - carrying out of carbon footprint and simulation of a reduction guided by a researcher -, it is a matter of understanding the microeconomics determinants and the psycho-cultural factors explaining household choices, in order to eventually come to some recommendations on the possible tools to assist these households: calculators, awareness campaigns, new services, ideas of negotiable personal quotas,...

The project, placed at the border between experimental economy and socio-anthropology, is based on a complex protocol (2 to 3 days of work per household) combined with both a qualitative approach and a quantitative phase.

The research was conducted by TEC between January 20120 and February 2012.


Ghislan Dubois (TEC Conseil)

Société de Mathématiques Appliquées aux Sciences Humaines (SMASH),
Ademe PACA
59 000 € TTC
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