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Monday, May 21


14h00 - 15h45

Presentation of conference partner projects

Moderator: Martin Greimel - COST – a flexible research networking tool to foster innovation 
COST Action FP0703 ECHOES - Jean Luc Peyron - Ecofor - France

BACCARA - Hervé Jactel - INRA - France
TRANZFOR - Jean-Michel Carnus - INRA - France

REINFFORCE - Christophe Orazio - EFI Atlantic

FOREADAPT - Jordi Garcia Gonzalo - ISA - Portugal

MOTIVE - Marc Hanewinkel - WSL - Switzerland

Key Addresses 
Moderator: Jean-Michel Carnus - IUFRO, the global network for forest science cooperation
Climate change and biome shifts
Nicklaus E. Zimmermann (WSL, Switzerland)

Future shock: science for adapting forest management to climate change 
Rodney J. Keenan (Univ. of Melbourne, Australia)

New perspectives on the role of European forests in carbon sequestration
Gert-Jan Nabuurs (EFI)
Climate Change and Forest Sciences
Linda Joyce (Forest Service, USA)

16H15 - 18h00

Moderator: Heinrich Spieker

‘Hot-spots’ of climate change impacts in European forests – results of a questionnaire.
Peter Spathelf
- Eberswalde University for sustainable development - Germany

Impact of climate on trees: identification of proxies in trees for measuring climatic stress.
Brian Tobin
- UCD, Forest Research - UK

Integrating parameter uncertainty of process-based forest models in assessments of global
change impacts on forest productivity.
Christopher Reyer
- Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research - Germany

Using probabilistic climate change projections and an ecological site classification to assess
the future risk of climate impacts on tree species in Britain.
Michal Petr - University of Twente - The Netherlands

Modelling the impact of atmospheric nitrogen deposition on french forests in the context
of climate change.
Noémie Gaudio
– CNRS-  France

New evidences of the impacts of global change at the southern edge populations of
silver fir (Abies alba Mill.) distribution range.
Laura Hernández
- CIFOR-INIA - Spain

Moderator: Csaba Matyas

Tree regeneration vulnerability to climate change: relative contributions of direct climate
effects, plant interactions, herbivores & pathogens in mountain forests.
Georges Kunstler - Cemagref - France


Climate change and forest genetic resources: scientific challenges, risks and opportunities.
Bruno Fady – INRA - France

Adaptive silviculture regarding climate change: the geneticist\'s view.
François Lefèvre INRA - France

Modelling of photosynthesis in relation to light and environmental variables of natural
regeneration of two mixed pinus pinea-quercus ilex-juniperus oxycedrus stands.
Carolina Mayoral -


Drought-adaptive potential of central and marginal provenances of European beech.
Andreas Bolte - Johann Heinrich von Thünen-Institute, Institute of Forest Ecology and
Forest Inventory - Germany

What determines adaptability? A case study with silver birch.
Boy Possen – The Finnish Forest Research Institute - Finland

Moderator: Bo Jellersmak Thorsen

Economics of Species Change under Risk of Climate Change: A Sensitivity and (Quasi-)
Option Value Analysis.
Marielle Brunette –INRA - France

Addressing climate change scenarios in eucalypt forest management. A landscape level
optimization study case.
Jordi  Garcia-Gonzalo – University of Lisbona - Portugal

Coping with possible wildfire regime shifts under a changing climate: Need for local
management in western Canada.
Akira S Mori
–Yokohama Natl. University - Japan


Ecosystem Management in the Face of Uncertainty: Organisational Problem-Solving
Performances of German State Forest Administrations Concerning Climate Change
Adaptation Measures.
Fenn Faber
and Roderich v. Detten – Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg - Germany

Dealing with uncertainty in forest management under climate change.
Emina Krcmar – Univ. of British Columbia - Canada

Adapting to incremental and threshold climate change impacts to forests.
Jody Bruce
– CSIRO - Australia