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Tuesday morning, May 22

8:30 - 10:15

Moderator: Duncan Ray 
Simulated forest productivity and biomass changes under global change.
Christopher Reyer - Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research - Germany
How will climate change affect the relationship between tree diversity and productivity in
European temperate forests?
Xavier Morin – CNRS - France
Forest productivity shifts under climate change in Europe -: a model-based analysis.
Petra Lasch - Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research - Germany
Long-term growth changes in a temperate lowland region during the last century: a retrospective
analysis of tree rings comparing linear and non-linear mixed modelling approaches.
Wim Aertsen - K.U.Leuven – Belgium
Did South Western European tree species shift upward during the last decade?
Morgane Urli - UMR Biogeco - INRA - France
Moderator: Andreas Bolte

Adaptability of silver birch (Betula pendula Roth) to elevated temperature and changing water regimen.
Mikko J. Anttonen - Finnish Forest Research Institute - Finland
Structural acclimation and photosynthesis of tree canopy in changed climate.
Mikko Peltoniemi - Finnish Forest Research Institute - Finland
Mechanisms of local adaptation to climatic gradients: lessons from a Physio-Demo-Genetics Model.
Sylvie Oddou-Muratorio - INRA - France
Can we rely on natures spontaneity in the light of climate change predictions?
Csaba Mátyás – University West Hungary - Hungary
Trends in the natural regeneration patterns of beech and silver fir in the Eastern Carpathians (Romania)
under the climate change and Forest management.

Ion Barbu - Forest Research Institute - Romania
Moderator: Hervé Jactel

Overestimation in the sensitivity of soil respiration to climate change throughout the mid-latitudes.
Callum Berridge – Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam – The Netherlands
Assessment of cork production in new Quercus suber plantations under future climate.
Joana, Amaral Paulo - Centro de Estudos Florestais; Instituto Superior de Agronomia - Portugal
Are forest fungi affected by climate change? Diversity and structure of ectomycorrhizal fungal communities along altitudinal gradients in Europe.
Benoit Marçais - INRA Nancy - France

Effect of altitude on forest herbivores and their parasitoids: a meta-analysis.
Marc Kenis - CABI Europe - Switzerland

10:45 -12:30 
Moderator: Elina Vapaavuori
Spatiotemporal prediction of site-productivity in Baden-Württemberg.
Arne Nothdurft - Forest Research Institute Baden-Württemberg – Germany
Impact of climate on growth and mortality of trees in the Black Forest.
Heinrich Spiecker - Institute for Forest Growth - Germany
The impact of climate change on the health condition and yield of sessile oak along its xeric limit.
Attila Eredics - University of West Hungary, Faculty of Forestry, Institute of Environmental and Earth Sciences - Hungary
Exploring Eucalyptus fastigata growth with 3PG projections in New Zealand under different climate scenarios.
Dean Meason - SCION - New Zealand
Moderator: Kristina Blennow
The role of forestry in national climate change adaptation policy: An explorative assessment of cases from Sweden, Germany, France and Italy.
Carina H. Keskitalo – UMEA University - Sweden
REsource INFrastructures for monitoring, adapting and protecting European Atlantic FORests under Changing climate.
Christophe Orazio – EFI Atlantic
Designing Adaptive and Sustainable Forests in Response to Climate Change: A case study in Northern Wales.
Bruce Nicoll – Forest Research - UK
Deployment of alternative species in conifer plantation forests in New Zealand and the United Kingdom as a means of adaptation to climate change a comparative case study and risk analysis.
Bill Mason – Forest research - Scotland
Adaptive management of mountain forests.
Robert Jandl – Forest Research Center - Austria
Optimizing the management of even-aged beech stands under climate change uncertainty.
Antoni Trasobares – ETH - Switzerland
Moderator: Lorenzo Venzi 
Wood preservation (carbon sequestration) or wood burning (fossil-fuel substitution), which is best for mitigating climate change?
Philippe Leturcq – Univ. Toulouse - France
Dividing GHG emissions by 4 in the French housing sector: contribution of land use efficiency in forestry and agriculture.
Arthur Riedacker and Stefano Migliore – Silva et Oikos - France
Mitigation of climate change thru boreal forest management.
Kenneth Sahlén – Univ. Agricultural Science - Sweden
Assessing and improving the overall carbon balance of the forest-wood sector: methods and approaches, uncertainties and consequences.
Sebastian Rueter - Johann Heinrich Von Thuenen Institut - Germany