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Call for contributions

Call for inputs from stakeholders

Climate change is emerging as the major concern for society in the 21st century and beyond. This is particularly true for forest management and the forest-based sector. Forests will be impacted by climate change but the forest-based sector has the capacity to react through both adaptation and mitigation measures. Thus, climate change frames forestry in a new light.
Several recent scientific approaches aim at helping decision makers in their elaboration of strategies for action regarding climate change under forest impacts, adaptation and mitigation management. They are at the basis of the international conference to be held in Tours (France) which will:

  • present them during two scientific days (on Monday 21 and Tuesday 22 May 2012) through about hundred oral invited and voluntary presentations, and hundred posters;
  • discuss their scientific results in light of decision maker needs during a forum for stakeholders (on Wednesday 23 May 2012);
  • illustrate some particular points during field visits (on Thursday 24 May 2012).

200 to 350 scientists, policy makers, planners, managers, specialized journalists, including representatives of a wide range of socioeconomic, ecological and institutional contexts are expected.

The official language of the scientific part of this conference is English. The official languages of the forum for stakeholders are English and French.

Objectives of the call

This call for inputs from stakeholders has two objectives:

  • to gather questions raised by stakeholders on the vulnerability of forests to climate change and adaptation or mitigation measures to be taken;
  • to identify potential speakers for the forum for stakeholders;

Main suggested topics

A. Understanding ecological, economic and social climate change impacts on forests and forestry (trends and disturbances, threats and opportunities, resistance and resilience, certainties and uncertainties concerning species distribution, productivity and health, forest and forestry revenues with reference to roundwood production and provision of other ecosystem services).
B. Forest management under climate change (adaptation to climate change, mitigation of climate change, trade-offs between adaptation, mitigation and sustainable forest management): objectives, appropriate species, stand structure, harvesting age, stand density, importance of roundwood markets, decision support systems...
C. Public policies and governance facing climate change, concerning adaptation and mitigation in the frame of sustainable forest management, aiming at long term strategies with local and global efficiency and effectiveness for private, public and common goods in an uncertain future.
D. Forest monitoring aiming at actual forest conditions and carbon sink (or source), impacts of climate change on forest trees, vegetation and soils, consequences on the forest sector and related activities.
E. Any other topic.

Fill in the application form online following this link: application form
or send an email to


Call for scientific contributions (closed)

The conference will comprise:

  • Invited presentations from keynote speakers,
  • Voluntary oral and poster presentations selected by the Advisory Committee of the Conference

Deadline for submissions is Monday September 19, 2011

This abstract must include:

  • a very comprehensive title
  • a preference between oral presentation and poster
  • an indication of the topic(s) addressed by the contribution
  • the names and affiliations of all contributors (mentioning ECHOES,MOTIVE, BACCARA, REINFFORCE, FOREADAPT or TRANZFOR if necessary)
  • up to 400 words,

The acceptance of contributions by the Advisory Committee of the Conference will be notified to voluntary contributors by the end of the year.

Contributions will be definitively accepted after registration of one of their authors.


Proceedings of the conference

An agreement has been made with the Annals of Forest Science in order to edit a special issue of this journal on forests and climate change. A first draft of the paper should be available before the conference. The journal will apply its usual acceptance criteria. Manuscripts will have to be presented according to the journal guidelines.

Please find enclosed all information and instructions for submitting your papers (top of this page).