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IUFRO International Symposium

Economie et société
26 Mai 2010 - 30 Mai 2010
 Forests support multiple goals that management and public policies try to reconcile. Tradeoffs must be organized between these goals and conflicts have also to be avoided. How to produce goods and services, wood and non-timber products, regulatory and socio-cultural services?

The conference aimed at discussing four main themes:

  • What will be future demands for forest ecosystem goods and services?

  • How to harvest more or better forest products?

  • How to preserve more and better forests?

  • How to reconcile forest preservation and roundwood removals?   

You can download the Powerpoint presentations here below.
Thursday May 27

Welcome addresses

Jean-Luc Peyron: Assessing changes in the demand for forest ecosystem services-the impact of an aging society and the role of national statistics system.file to download

Philippe Monchaux

Hans Jöbstl: Presentation of IUFRO Unit 4.05.00 “Managerial economics and accounting”.
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Jean-Luc Guitton

Economics of biodiversity

Jean-Michel Salles: Valuing biodiversity and ecosystems services for public decision making.
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Jean-Philippe Terreaux

Forest economics

Anne Stenger: Laboratory of Forestry Economics.
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Elisabeth Le Net: Presentation of the Economics, Energy and Foresight Department.
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Maria Nijnik: The content and change of British forestry: economic research priorities and why these are important.

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How to preserve more or better forest products?

Jean-Luc Peyron: Forest management and policies in front of biomass, energy, climate and biodiversity issues.

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Kajetan Zwirglmaier: Seasonality of prices - the example of German timber prices.
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Claudio Fagarazzi: Medium term strategies to improve the quality of Mediterranean forests: Valtiberinacase in Tuscany.fichier à télécharger

Kari Hyytiäinen: Comparison of various sources of uncertainty in stand level net present value estimates.
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Patrice Loisel: Impact of the presence of risk of destructive event on forest silviculture.
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Donald G. Hodges: Forest Carbon and Management Impacts on Optimal Rotation Ages for Loblolly Pine in the Southern U.S.
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Saeed Bayazidi: Optimal forest harvesting under stochastic rate of interest.
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Peter Tarp: The economic effect of reduced regeneration investments on forest stand value – exemplified for European beech.
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Lorenzo Tarasconi: Forest profitability measurement - a pilot project to extend FADN to Italian forestry sector.
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Friday May 28

How to preserve more or better tropical forests?

Baltazar Calvas: Facing the deforestation process in the south of Ecuador from am economic point of view.
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Juan F. Fernandez: Policy issues of seed transfer for forest management under climate change: where do tropical countries stand?fichier à télécharger

Matthias Bösch: The impact of improved agricultural technology on tropical deforestation.
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How to preserve more or better forests?

Elodie Brahic: Which market-based instruments to preserve forest biodiversity?
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Antti Miettinen: On production costs of biodiversity zones on arable land and in forests adjacent to fields.
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Lidjia Zadnik-Stirn: Management ofprivate forests regarding the owners' attitudes towards forest preservation-case of Slovenia.
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Michel Gravet

How to reconcile forest preservation and roundwood removals?

Francesco Carbone: The “not cutting” management: a case study contributing to the debate on sustainability of forest policy.
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Koji Matshushita: Assessing changes in the demand for forest ecosystem services-the impact of an aging society and the role of national statistics system.fichier à télécharger

Nicolas Robert: Tradeoffs between wood production,biodiversity preservation and attractiveness for recreation.
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Laura Secco: Comparing profitability and governance for recreational wild mushroom picking in forest and timber production.
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Synthesis and business session

Jean-Luc Peyron

Hans Jöbstl

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