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International conference, Freiburg-im-Brisgau, "Impact of the drought and heat 2003 on forests"

Sécheresse et canicule
17 Novembre 2004 - 19 Novembre 2004


Besides visible, immediate or short-term impacts of drought and heat on forests, there are further effects to be expected in the medium and logn-terme. While numerous investigations have been undertaken on various topics to assess the impacts of drought on forests, a synthesis is needed. For this purpose, French and German scientists have initiated the "drought 2003" expertise , involving scientists of different disciplines and countries; The scientific conference of Freiburg aimed to present and discuss the first results of this expertise. A total of 46 presentations and 16 posters were proposed to the 115 participants from 14 coountries (Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Slovaquia, Finland, Romania, Denmark, USA, Sweden, Australia, Russia, Austria and Spain).


Institute for Forest Growth (IWW), Faculty of Forest and Environmental Sciences, Albert-Ludwigs-University, Freiburg-im-Breisgau, Germany

Forest Research Institute, Baden-Würtemberg (FVA), Freiburg-im-Breisgau, Germany

Groupement d'Intérêt Public ECOFOR , Paris, France

IUFRO Unit 4.01.08: Effects of the environmental changes on forest growth

European forest Institute (EFI)


17 November 2004





Konstantin von Teuffel (FVA)

Siegfried Fink (Albert-Ludwigs-University of freiburg)

Thomas Haussmann (German Federal Ministry of Consumer Protection, Food and Agriculture)

Jean-Luc Flot (French MInistry of Agriculture, Food, Fishery and Rural Affairs)

Guy Landmann (ECOFOR)

Heinrich Spiecker (IUFRO)





Official welcome addresses



M. Rebetez, H. Mayer, O. Dupont, D. Schindler, K. Gartner, J. Kropp, A. Menzel

Heat and drought: a climate analysis

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N. Kraüchi, H. Jeanjean

The potential of in-situ and remote sensing activities to address drought effects on forest ecosystems

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M.-L. Desprez-Loustau, B. Marçais, D. Piou, A. Vanini

Enhanced effects of forests pathogens promoted by drought: patterns, mechanisms and focus on a few case studies

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N. Bréda, H. Rennenberg, A. Granier, B. Longdoz, H. Cochard, B. Köstner, S. Rambal, R. Matyssek

Ecophysiological response of forest trees ans stands to drought and heat

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H.-P. Kahle, R. Unseld

Impacts of drought and heat an trees and forest growth. A synthesis of studies on short-, medium- and long-term effects ppbserved under temperate climatic conditions

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K. von Wilpert

Drought and soil processes

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V. Wolters, F. Archaux

Drought and forest biodiversity

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L. Ibanez, J.-L. peyron, S. Couture

Socio-economic impacts of natural or human threats on the forest sector: some results of the Frenc-German expertsie on drought and heat 2003

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B. Roman-Amat

can foresters better cope with severe drought episodes?

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G. Landmann

Summarizing conclusions

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18 November 2004



Session A: Meteorological aspects, forest monitoring


A. Menzel

A 500 year pheno-climatological view on the 2003 heat wave in Europe assessed by grape harvest dates



I. Barbu, I. popa

The regime of precipitation in 2003 inromanian forests

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W. Werner, H.-W. Schröck, J. Block

10-yaers time series of climate parameters and ozone flux and their effects on growth of beech and spruce in Rhineland Palatinate



D. Schindler, B. Köstner, H. Mayer

Drought 2003 in a Scots pine forest



K. Gartner, M. Neumann

Impact of the heat and drought 2003 on ecological parameters and growth in Austrian forests

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S. Goodrick, Y. Liu, J. Stanurf

Spatial modelling of drought using artificial neural networks

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S. Raspe, H.-P. Dietrich, G. Dobler, G. Gietl, W. Grimmeisen, F. Kroll, B. Schulze, C. Schultz, A. Schubert

Bavarian forest ecosystem monitoring program: a useful tool to analyse the drought 2003 and its effets on forests

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E. Graf-Pannatier, M. Dobbertin, A. Brechbühl, M. Schmitt, A. Thimonier, P. Waldner, N. Kraüchi

Effects of water deficit on tree growth, leaf discolouration and litter fall in Swiss ICP-Forest level II plots

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Session B: Pest and diseases, fire, ozone


H. Schröter

Direct and susequent damages caused by the drought 2003 in the forest of Baden-Württemberg



A. Battisti, A. Aimi, F. Barito, I. Bernardinelli, E. Buffo, M. Cappucci, E. Petrucco Toffolo, F. Stergulc

Range expansion of the pine processionary moth: the effects of the high temperature of the summer 2003

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H. Delb

Infestation of bark-bredding beetles on beech as a consequence of drought and heat



B. Metzler

Armillaria infection following drought in forest stands

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H. Jactel, J. Petit, D. Piou, M.-L. Desprez-Loustau

A meta-analysis of forest pest and disease response to water stress



J. San-Miguel-Ayanz, B. Barbosa, A. Camia, G. Liberta, G. Schmuck

Analysis of forest fire damages in the year 2003 trought the European Forest Fire Information System(EFFIS)



J. Goldammer, A.-C. Held

Heat, drought and wild land fires in Eurasia in 2003

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M.-S. Günthardt-Goerg, M. Laverrière, P. Vollenweider

Ozone and/or drought: differences or similarities in leaf tissues?


Session C: Drought effects on forest growth


W. Beck, J. Müller, S. Anders

Impacts of the drought 2003 on forest condition in Germany. Results of a study by the Federal Ministry of Consumer Protection, Fodd and Agriculture



M. Vennetier, B. Villa, T. Keller, L. Eryan, F. Guibal

Impact of 2003 climate conditions on radial growth and state of health according to soil water balance for the main coniferous species of French Mediterranean area



P. Cherubini, M. Nötzli, N. Stary, M. Saurer, R. Siegwolf, N. Kraüchi, S. Minerbi

Tree rings reveal prolonged stress prior to drought -induced tree death

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A. Zingg, P. Cherubini, A. Rigling, A. Bürgi

Growth reactions of beech, Norway spruce and silver fir after summer drought: analyses from old growth and yield data of Switzerland

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C. Dittmar

Drought signals in tree rings - markers in the past scenarios for future risks



V. Badeau, N. Bréda, F. Lebourgeois, A. Granier, J.-L. Dupouey

Tree radial growth response to climate: a synthetic study of pointer years in french forests



P. Rozenberg, L. Pâques

Evidence of the effect of the climate of year 2003 on Douglas-fir and larch wood formation in Ffrance



A. Bolte, T. Czajkowski

IMpact of severe drought on beech regeneration in Germany. Are Polish provenances more adaptative?


Discussion corners


Moderator: Marcus Lindner

Carbon and water cycle monitoring networks. Potential contribution to our understanding of the impact of drought and climate hazards on the processes of primary productivity in forests

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Moderator: Norbert Kraüchi / Thomas Haussmann

Forest health and growth networks. Contribution to the assessment of the impact of climatic hazards

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Moderator: Erwin Dreyer

Delayed effects of climatic hazards on tree growth and health. Importance ond a few hypotheses for the physiological basis

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Poster presentations: various drought effects on forests


A.P. Tsarev

Influence of droughty conditions on a state of poplars



R. Jakus, L. Kulla, M. Turcani, R. Leontovyc, J. Novotny, J. Gaper, M. Blazenec, P. Balaz, M. Jeazik

Intensive spruce forest decline in northerne Slovaquia: symptoms, localization and possible causes and mitigation measures



M. Sarvas

The effect of drought on artificial regeneration in Slovaquia in 2003 and the possibilities to increase plant adaptability after plantation in Cental Europe

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I. Barbu, I. Popa

Drought risk monitoring research program in Romanian forests

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I.M. Thomsen

Drought as a factor in forest health in Denmark

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A. Bastrup-Birk

Effects of drought on the hydrology of different forest stands in Denmark



M. Löw, A.J. Nunn, I.M. Reiter, C. Heerdt, T. Grams, K.-H. Häberle, R. Matyssek

Diagnostics in beech exposed to chronic free-air ozone fumigation in the excptional summer 2003: ozone uptake and gas exchange responses of adult trees

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J. Block, F. Engels

Diameter shrinkage as a reaction of spruce (Picea abies L.) and oak (Quercus petraea L.) on drought stress in summer 2003

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P. Saccone, J.J. Brun, J.P. Pages, R. Michalet

Drought 2003 impact on sapling mountain forest trees: results of an experimental design



M. Poirier, C. Bodet, T. Ameglio

Impact of summer conditions of growth (drought, defoliation...) on freezing tolerance of trees

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Y. Caraglio, C. Drénou, E. Nicolini

Structural diagnostic of drought effects on forest tree vitality. An pproach combining crown transparency and architecture



J.-L. Dupouey, J.-F. Picard, F. Forgeard, M. Lebret, J.-F. dobremez, L. Boujot, S. Camaret

Interannual variations of forest vegetaion communities



E. Eccel, C. Salvadori, N. La Porta

A water balance model on an oak mixed forest in the italian Alps: effects of the unprecedented drought of summer 2003

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Y. Liu, J. Stanturf, S. Goodrick

Modelling ecosystems water stress and fire risk under drought conditions



P. Lasch, F.-W. Badeck, Y.Hauf, F. Suckow

Forest firee risk in Brandenbourg and Baden-Württemberg under climate change conditions



R.A. Petta, T. Ohara

Environmental GIS database for desertification studies in the Brazilian North-eastern areaas


19 November 2004




Session D: Water balance and tree physiology


N. Bréda

Understanding time lag effets of the drougth 2003 on physiological and phenological behaviour in oak and beech trees



B. Köstner, D. Gerold, T. Grünwald, C. Bernhofer

Drought effects on the carbon and water fluxes of Norway spruce (Picea abies) at the tree and stand level: comparison of 2003 with preceding years



A. Granier, P. Berbigier, R. Ceulemans, T. Grünwald, B. Heinesch, A. Kohl, B. Köstner, D. Loustau, K. Pilegaard, M. Reichstein, T. Vesala, Q. Wang, J. Tenhunen

The drought of 2003 in Westerne Europe: consequences on forest ecosystems functioning



D. Epron, H. Ghouil, G. Daas, F. Froux, C. Warren, E. Dreyer

Responses of photosynthsis to high temperatures in trees: acclimatation of the thermal break point of photochemistry to heat and drought



M.-B. Bogeat-Triboulot, D. Le Thiec, D. hukin, H. cochard, E. Dreyer

Drought responses in Populus euphratica: effects on water relation, growth, hydraulic properties and gas exchange


Session E: Soil processes


K. v. Wilpert

Potassium deficiency as nduced by drought



B. Schultze, H.-P. Dietrich, W. Grimmeisen, S. Raspe

Examination and advancement of soil water balance parameters by soil water content measurements in the drought 2003

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C. Schultz, S. Raspe, B. Schultze

Drought effects on soil solution chemistry at Bavarian Level II plots

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P. Balaz, K. Strelcova, M. Blazenec, R. Pokorny, Z. Klimankova

Species-Specific method of short-term drought stress level assement


Session F: Tree nutrition, root dynamics


M. Nahm, A. Gessler, H. rennenberg

Consequences of the 2003 drought on nitrogen nutrition and water balance of adult European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) on calcareous soil



H.S. Helmisaari, P. Nödj, I. Lumme

Norway spruce fine roots and seasonnal drought. Results of a three-year field experience in Southern Finland

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R. Mainiero, M. Kazda, I. schmidt

Fine root dynamics of Fagus sylvatica: interacting effects of soil temperature, drought and ozone treatment

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P. Nikolova, K.-H. Häberle, H. Blaschke, R. Matyssek

The exceptional summer of 2003 as a texte scenario for the root competition between adult becch and sprucee forest trees

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Plenary session: conference review and conclusions


M. Lindner, N. Kraüchi, E. Dreyer

Resuls of the discussion corners

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H. Speicker

Conference review and summarizing conclusions