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Effects of silviculture on carbon storage in forest soils – Parameter validation for model of trends in carbon stocks

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Trends in carbon stocks in forest soils in response to climate change cannot be monitored directly given the high variability observed in the course of investigations on the determination of these stocks. A modelized approach is described by Arrouays et al. for all types of soils.
In this project, we propose to measure the impact of several forest stand parameters on the variability of carbon stocks. The ultimate objective is to enable model designers to characterize the sensitivity of these parameters in their models, and eventually to validate them.
The project is restricted to the effects of age, stand structure and soil-improving treatments on the carbon stocks of forest soils.


Claude Nys, INRA - Centre de Nancy


INRA - Centre d'Orléans
INRA - Centre de Nancy
ONF - Département des Recherches Techniques
Université de Rennes I

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