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Developing a Consistent Inventory of the Distribution of Greenhouse Gases and their Precursors over the Period 1900-2003 and its Application to Future Emissions

Over the last few years, several different inventories have been developed using a variety of different methods, on the basis of research carried out by the groups proposing this project and other international groups. These inventories, which use different methods and hypotheses, have never been compared, and suggest different or even contradictory distributions. However, in order to decide on measures to restrict atmospheric emissions of certain compounds and for these measures to be effective, the emissions need to be properly quantified at various different scales.

The primary aim of the project we are proposing is to develop a method for compiling a consistent, valid emissions inventory of greenhouse gases and ozone and aerosol precursors for the period 1900-2003. In this way, we hope to develop a methodology leading to a single industrial emissions inventory (from energy, transport, etc...) of carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, sulphur dioxide and a large number of volatile organic compounds. We will also develop an inventory of emissions of chemical compounds produced by biomass combustion (forest and savannah fires, agricultural waste) for the same period. It will also be possible to use the methodology that we devise to develop future inventories based on IPCC type scenarios.

On the basis of an inventory of this nature, it will be possible to quantify and monitor emissions and how they vary over different timescales more efficiently. We will produce detailed documentation of the inventory, which will help maintain it and keep it up to date. A database of the inventory will also be created and this will be made available to the scientific community once it has been validated and documented.

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