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CRP 2010 : presentation

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The GICC 2010 Call for Research Proposals is now closed.

Selected projects are available following this link.

This CRP extends the 2008 CRP. Therefore, any projects in the frame of the 2008 CPR are eligible. Scientific evaluation of projects did not privilege any field.

CRP 2010 overview

The climate change component must be at the heart of the project. Impacts remain the central theme of this CRP.

Here below you will find the list of the main themes highlighted in 2010 CRP:

  • The issue of detection-attribution of impacts
  • Costs/benefits analysis of mitigation and adaptation policies
  • International negotiations and legal aspects

CRP 2010 is downloadable here or available in the “Documents to download” section on the right hand side of this page.

  • Future Climate, Regionalization, Dowscalling and Uncertainties
  • Climate Policy and International Climate Negotiations
  • Adaptation
  • Impacts
  • Mitigation
  • Climate Information and Services