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This project is the second part of a project funded by IDDRI (Institut du Developpement Durable et des Relations Internationales/Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations) on the issue of vulnerability to climate change of industrial and service companies.
Initially, work has been made in two especially sensitive areas to climate change adaptation issues: water and energy fields.

In parallel, many discussions with companies operating in other areas (transports, services, construction, urban planning…) showed that awareness of these different actors is ongoing. However, an important work of consciousness-raising and maturation remains to be done before seeing a clear demand emerging. Research labs must therefore organize and coordinate in order to be able, in due time, to meet needs and supply the adequate information (data, products, methods).
Upstream of this generalization of climate services to companies, this project aims to work on basic climate information needed to companies’ vulnerability to climate change studies while identifying the limits of this information. The raised questions will be the following:

• Evaluation of possibility to answer these issues with the existing tools
• Evaluation of reliability level of these answers
• Eventually, which partnership is needed to answer multidisciplinary issues

  • Adaptation
  • Impacts