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Action COST Echoes: Group 3: Mitigation

Group 3: Mitigation

Co-ordinator: Prof. Gert-Jan NAABURS & Dr. Maria NIJNIK

Key issue and tasks

Key issue

The issues will be discussed all through the Working Group meetings. The preliminary list of several key issues could be read below.

  • Land-use changes and management,
  • Wood products as carbon stocks,
  • Substitution effects (products, energy),
  • Biomass production for bio-energy.

Regarding stocks and flows:

  • Synthesis of UNFCCC carbon accounts at the national level
  • Models simulating carbon stocks and flows
  • Methods and parameters;
  • Temporary/permanent carbon credits;
  • Leakage and additionallity.


Year 1: State of knowledge = one report / country

Year 2 & 3: Work on key issues

  • Carbons account
  • Assessment of the forest’s role
  • Tools
  • Bio-energy

Year 4: Guidelines and recommendations for managers ; identification of needs in the future researches and developments projects

Throughout the duration of the action: updating the national reports

List of members :

  • Lithuania (Lithuanian Forest Research Institute)
  • Czech Republic (IFER – Institute of Forest Ecosystem Research)
  • Ireland (University College Dublin)
  • Netherlands (International Institute for Geo-Information and Earth Observation)
  • Hungary (University of West Hungary)
  • United Kingdom (The Macaulay Institute)
  • Finland (Finnish Forest Research Institute(Metla) ; Finnish Forest Research Institute)
  • Poland (University of Life Sciences. Faculty of Forestry)
  • Croatia (Forest Research Institute)
  • Serbia (Institute of Lowland Forestry and Environment)
  • Slovak Republic (NFC-FRI)
  • France(Inventaire forestier national)
  • Spain (Escuela Politécnica Superior)
  • Greece
  • Estonia (Estonian University of Life Sciences, Institute of Forestry and Rural Engineering)
  • Netherlands (Institute for Forest Growth, University Freiburg)
  • Bulgaria (Forest Research Institute)

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