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Session parallèle 2216 « Climate smart forestry- Integrating mitigation and adaptation into sustainable development » lors de la conférence internationale Our Common Future Under Climate Change

8 Juillet 2015
Paris, France

La conférence « Our Common Future Under Climate Change » se déroulera à Paris du 07 au 11 juillet 2015.

A cette occasion, le GIP Ecofor participera à la session parallèle suivante :

Climate smart forestry- Integrating mitigation and adaptation into sustainable development (2216)

Lead Convener: C. Orazio (EFI, EFIATLANTIC, cestas – France)

Forests provide multiple ecosystem functions simultaneously and are an integral component of human well-being in many societies. Climate change alters forestry substantially via a changing pattern of biotic and abiotic disturbances and a change in habitat characteristics. Forests also mitigate climate change by removing CO2 (a major Greenhouse Gas) from the atmosphere. Adaptation of forest management is challenging because accurate information is required on future climate at the stand scale, and we need to understand the resilience of tree species and the long-term impact of recommended management interactions. Global efforts of creating a knowledge-based bio-economy call for an ample availability of forest products and more efficient forest management. Finally, a climate-smart forestry encompassing an efficient and versatile utilization of wood along a cascade of products and services including climate regulation will be required.

Plus d’informations sur le site de la conférence.